Case Study – CJ’s Mechanical

Scott Kelly - Carolina GeneratorsAs a business owner I know just how important having power is to stay profitable and keep that competitive edge.  So do the folks at CJ Machining here in the Upstate.  CJ Machining is a global supplier of high precision, close tolerance products with exceptional quality.  They specialize in the CNC machining of small to medium size precision parts.  Power is needed 24/7 to produce parts when needed by their customers around the clock.

In a competitive world, assuring their clients continued continuity of operations provides CJ Machining an advantage over many of their competitors who would be at the mercy of their local power grid.  Virtually every function of their business is dependent in some way on a power source.  From the communication with buyers, to the employee access to web tools, from the machines and power tools needed to tracking supplies, everything needs power. And power is needed to keep computer servers up and running.  Any loss of power takes them out of communication with their clients and their employees. As peace of mind Carolina  Generators installed a 150KW Generac Generator on location.

CJs Machining - 150KW Emergency Power Generator installed

Power your peace of mind by installing an emergency generator.

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