Case Study – Duke Food Production

We continue our series of customer case studies for April and talk about another satisfied customer, Duke Food Production.

The potential for storm related power outages is a year-round sleeping trigger in the Upstate of South Carolina. While you cannot prevent power outages, you can prepare for them. As a business owner you know just how important having power is to stay profitable and keep that competitive edge, so do the folks at Duke Food Productions here in the Upstate.

Duke Food Productions is one of the top private label food manufacturers, specializing in homemade quality foods.  As they strive to stand out as one of the safest and most respected private label food manufacturing facilities, the need to be connected to suppliers, customers, and consumers around the clock is extremely important.  In a competitive world, assuring their clients continued continuity of operations provides Duke Food Productions an advantage over many of their competitors who would be at the mercy of their local power grid.   Virtually every function of their business is dependent in some way on a power source.  From the offices to the coolers and freezer storage areas that must maintain the proper temperatures, everything needs power.  And power is needed to keep computer servers up and running.  Any loss of power takes them out of communication while jeopardizing the loss of raw materials and finished goods.  As peace of mind Carolina Generators installed a 100KW Generac Generator on location.

Duke Food Production

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