Emergency Power with Standby or Portable Generators

In this week’s blog post we are talking emergency power generators again and want to take a look at how portable generators compare to permanently installed standby generators.

So let’s start with another Generac video …

Advantages of permanently installed generators over portable:

  • Starts and stops automatically in case of a power outage.
  • No fuel handling, permanent installed generators typically run on natural gas or propane
  • No extension cords and hookup hassle, your installed generator is wired to the power panel in the house with an automated transfer switch.
  • Less noise due to lower RPM design and noise dampening protective case.
  • Less or easier maintenance, automated test runs programmed in the control unit.
  • Whole house energy supply possible depending on size.

Advantages of portable generators:

  • Portability for use at any place where power is not available.
    Their use as emergency power generator is a welcome but not primary purpose.
  • Portable generators typically cost much less.
    They are smaller, 2kVA – 8kVA for example, compared to whole house generators delivering power starting at 8KVA or so.
  • Hook-up to house wiring is possible with manual transfer switch.
    –>> Consult your electrician for local code and requirements.
  • Caution:
    • Never operate portable generators in enclosed locations as deadly exhaust gases can accumulate unnoticed.
    • Never use male-male jumper cables, aka suicide cables, to feed the wiring of your house.
      It’s illegal and leads to severe damage, injury and death.


A permanent installed standby generator is the solution for automated, worry-free and secure emergency power.
A portable generator has a different purpose but can be very well by used in emergencies. However they requires more efforts to set up and maintain, and special precaution is required for safe operation.

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