Harsh El Niño Winter Predicted This Year!! Be Prepared

WYFF News 4 Meteorologists John Cessarich and Chris Justus released their outlook for the upcoming winter season. Simply put, get ready for an active winter with frequent storms. Justus said the southern jet stream will bring in frequent storms from the Gulf of Mexico. Timing will be everything in regards to cold air. If the cold air matches up with the moisture, widespread snow will be possible. Justus said it’s only a matter of time for the match-up to occur. “With as many storms as we are expecting, it’s not a matter of will the cold air will collide with moisture, but rather when,” Justus said. El Nino is expected to be very strong this winter, Cessarich said, this El Nino could be as strong as the El Nino in 1997 which provided flooding rains in southern California and sent several moisture packed systems up the east coast from the Gulf of Mexico. The strong El-Nino will give make for a very active southern jet stream. Cessarich says that’s why they expect ABOVE average snowfall. Temperatures will be a week to week forecast, Justus said but indications are a blocking pattern created by a negative North Atlantic Oscillation set up by December allowing cold arctic air to creep out of Canada.

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Screenshot 2015-11-05 10.22.51 WYFF 4 Meteorologist John Cessarich and Chris Justus take a look at the strong pattern heading into winter