Power Solution Case Study for CWIBenefits

Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly, President Carolina Heating Service Serving Greenville since 1981

The Upstate of South Carolina is a beautiful area home to many businesses. It is also home to severe thunderstorms in the summer and ice storms in the winter. As the weather warms up, as memories of recent winter storms melt away, it’s tempting to forget the cold, hard dread that the lights might go out. Most of the Upstate felt the effects of no power due to ice and wind. But the potential for storm related power outages is a year-round sleeping trigger. While you cannot prevent power outages, you can prepare for them.

Generac Commercial Generator up to 100KWAs a business owner I know just how important having power is to stay profitable and keep that competitive edge, so do the folks at CWIBenefits here in the Upstate. CWIBenefits is a third party administrator of employee health benefits serving clients across the country. Today’s benefits world is 24/7 and the need to obtain employee benefit services around the clock is extremely important. In a competitive world, assuring their clients continued continuity of operations provides CWIBenefits an advantage over many of their competitors who would be at the mercy of their local power grid. Virtually every function of their business is dependent in some way on a power source. From the call center to the employee access to web tools, from the service bureau that mails out benefit cards to tracking benefit enrollments on the web or over the phone, everything needs power. And power is needed to keep computer servers up and running. Any loss of power takes them out of communication with their clients and their employees. As peace of mind Carolina Generators installed an 80KW Generac Generator on location.

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