What’s your Power Backup Plan? – Case Study New Prospect

Power Outage - What's Your PlanHow much would eight hours of downtime cost your business?
Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars lost in revenue.
Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first standby generators powerful enough to back your entire business without the cost of expensive configured systems.

Differentiate 4 scenarios

  • No Standby Power – Lockup, go home and wait for the power to return:
    • No revenue generation • Profitability at risk • Missed customer deadlines • Security Risk
  • Orderly Shutdown – Typically achieved with a generator that provides power to a limited number of circuits:
    • Save data, shut down computers safely • No revenue • Checkout remaining customers
  • Limited Operation – Using a generator that provides power to essential circuits so your business can stay open:
    • Business can stay open • Generate revenue • Profits are protected • Losses are reduced
  • Full Operation – Business operations continue as if there was no outage:
    • Maintain revenue stream • Profits are protected • Gain new customers • Become known as a reliable business in the community

Power Solution Case Study for NEW PROSPECT

The Upstate of South Carolina is a beautiful area home to many businesses. It is also home to ice storms in the winter and severe thunderstorms in the summer. As the weather gets colder, and memories of warm thunderstorms melt away, it’s tempting to forget the cold, hard dread that the lights might go out. Most of the Upstate felt the effects of no power due to ice and wind. But the potential for storm-related power outages is a year-round sleeping trigger.

Scott Kelly - Carolina GeneratorsWhile you cannot prevent power outages, you can prepare for them. As a business owner I know just how important having power is to stay profitable and keep that competitive edge, so do the folks at New Prospect here in the Upstate.

New Prospect is in the business of providing contact center services via telephone, web chat, email response and text messaging. They are salespeople, dispatchers, informers, and consolers. Their vision is to be recognized nationwide as the contact center of choice for those companies demanding that their customers have a positive, professional and attentive experience. And to do this, they must be up and running! Having power at all times is very important because they are a 24/7 call center and cannot afford to go down at any time. In a competitive world, assuring their clients’ continued continuity of operations provides New Prospect an advantage over many of their competitors who would be at the mercy of their local power grid. Virtually every function of their business is dependent in some way on a power source. Without power, they would not be in a position for their internal agents to take calls and furthermore the servers that allow remote agents to handle calls would also be inoperative without backup power.

For peace of mind, Carolina Generators installed a 40KW Generac Generator on location.Case Study - New Prospect


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