Why Standby Power

Before introducing solutions for our slogan

‘Never be without power again with a Generac Standby Generator’

let’s take a look at some opportunities, causes and consequences of a power outage.


For the Upstate of South Carolina we have specific experience with

  • severe thunderstorms and
  • the dreaded ice storms.

And while some folks find it not very disruptive to spend a few hours at candle light, longer lasting outages can become serious:

  • Failing security and safety equipment once the backup batteries are exhausted
  • Loss of medical equipment could become life threatening
  • Refrigerators and Freezers stop working, food spoils
  • Loss of communication such as phones, TVs, radios, computers
  • Inconveniences such as loss of garage door openers, hot water, dishwasher, cloth washer and more
  • Hot houses in Summer and cold houses with potentially freezing water lines in Winter
  • And some gas powered furnaces, stoves and hot water heaters will not work if their controls rely on electricity

And in the business world an outage might cause a complete business shutdown and serious loss of revenue:

  • Revenue loss due to business shutdown, even for a short term outage
  • Refrigeration outage spoils tons of food in retail and restaurants
  • Loss of security and safety equipment after batteries are exhausted
  • More reasons to invest in emergency standby power and about Generac on
    Fox Business - The Power to Prosper

So, lots of good reasons to look into contingencies before a power outage strikes.

Icon - Idea and infoNow let’s  look how all that works.
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